About us

M.r Benyam Shiferaw founded Absolute Granite and Marble in the year 2020 G.C. He acknowledges that Ethiopia has an abundant supply of granite and marble, but that supplying imported granite and marble with local granite and marble for customer satisfaction was limited due to pricing differences. in which the absolute granite and marble solving such issues in the market.
Absolute granite and marble is an importer of granite and marble, ceramic and porcelain in Ethiopia. Absolute is stand to provide its customers with superior quality materials at competitive prices and services that one can easily rely upon. Quality and service have always been our founding principles to combining them with the



  • We strive for honesty and integrity.
  • We take great delight and care in all we do.
  • Exceeding expectations consistently.
  • Excellent teamwork and innovation.


Our vision is to provide the highest quality services and goods to bring the joy of nature into your life.

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Honest
  • Innovation
  • Customer’s satisfaction
  • We take pride and care in all we do
  • Exceeding expectations regularly

Our partners